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UK Census Dates 1801-2011 .... what date was the census taken?

The UK census has been taken every 10 years since the first one was taken in 1801, the only exception being 1941.

The dates when the census was taken are shown in the following table - in general the details recorded should have been of people present at each dwelling at midnight at the end of this day, although in later years the rules were clarified to include those, such as night shift workers, who returned to the dwelling the following morning, having not been counted elsewhere.

1801 CensusTuesday 10th March 1801
1811 CensusMonday 27th May 1811
1821 CensusMonday 28th May 1821
1831 CensusSunday 29th May 1831
1841 CensusSunday 6th June 1841
1851 CensusSunday 30th March 1851
1861 CensusSunday 7th April 1861
1871 CensusSunday 2nd April 1871
1881 CensusSunday 3rd April 1881
1891 CensusSunday 5th April 1891
1901 CensusSunday 31st March 1901
1911 CensusSunday 2nd April 1911
1921 CensusSunday 19th June 1921
1931 CensusSunday 26th April 1931
1941 Census-- see note below --
1951 CensusSunday 8th April 1951
1961 CensusSunday 23rd April 1961
1971 CensusSunday 25th April 1971
1981 CensusSunday 5th April 1981
1991 CensusSunday 21st April 1991
2001 CensusSunday 29th April 2001
2011 CensusSunday 27th March 2011 (Download a copy of the 2011 Census Form)
2021 Census-- probably cancelled --

No census was held in 1941 because of the second world war but a "mini-census" was held in 1939 so that everybody could be issued with a National identity card. This was held on Friday 29th September 1939.

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